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Scientific Labs

Scientific Labs

Purified water is a common requirement within hospital and healthcare laboratories. It is very important that the quality of the water is consistent and produced reliably and efficiently.

The produced water has to meet rigorous standards and qualities of up to 18.2MΩ-cm. Usually a water purification system will be built around reverse osmosis and utilise activated carbon filters to remove chlorine and organic contaminants. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation and ozone is then used for final “polishing” and the removal of any remaining bacteria and organic compounds.

Typically ultraviolet (UV) sterilisers are desk mounted and connected to mains water. Depending on the specification of the steriliser, almost pure water will be produced.

Example Lamps

Laboratory sterilisers generally use small ultraviolet (UV) lamps.

These range from 4 watt to 36 watt lamps.